Lady Gaga Costumes

Lady Gaga costumes

Lady Gaga costumes have become a mainstay for costume parties! Gaga is known for her one of a kind fashion design. But there are still some great imitation costumes available. Whether for Halloween, New Years, Carnival, or even a birthday costume party, Gaga’s style provides plenty of creative outfit options. Of her several fabulous outfits to choose from, her Poker Face video offers some great costume ideas. Lady Gaga’s blue leather swimsuit and gloves from the video can easily be found online here. Paired with some boots, this outfit is a sexy modern look for any adult costume party. Lady Gaga’s lightning bolt face decoration is also a great addition to most Fame Monster costumes. The lightning bolt can usually be found at a low price. There are also several tutorials online showing you how to hand paint it. Gaga sunglasses and faux diamonds are also easy to find accessories. But if you’re looking for a full outfit to wear, another chic Fame Monster look is Gaga’s white and black sequin dress costume with matching mask. The dress was made famous on her Monster Ball tour and is a fun outfit for any costume party. This outfit can also be paired with some black boots or heels, and makes a great entrance to any dance party. Hair and makeup are also important features for proper Lady Gaga dress up costumes. The best place to start your costume is with Gaga’s iconic blonde wig and clean cut bangs. Her famous blonde hair complements all her outfits and is an important part of dressing your costume. Luckily, a blonde or yellow tone wig is easy enough to find. You can also easily pin back a wig to show off any face paint or makeup. The pop star is also known for some wild makeup looks, which can be fun if you love face painting. But if eccentric makeup does not suit you, Gaga is also known to wear toned down looks as well. In many of her videos, Lady Gaga wears minimal makeup on her lips and face. But you’ll have to be adventurous with the eye shadow and mascara if you truly want the Gaga look. If you’re looking for unique additions for your Lady Gaga costume, homemade accessories are another great option. While couture nylons and telecast glasses might be harder to come by, Lady Gaga costume accessories like her mirror ball mask and shoulder spikes can easily be made with a little crafty work. The mask can easily be made by hot-gluing mirrored tiles to a cheap plastic mask. If you can’t find tiles, you can cut up a couple of unwanted CDs instead. Handcrafted spikes can be formed out of black cardstock and electrical tape. You can match both of these accessories with a basic black bodysuit. These options are great if you’re on a limited budget. YouTube also offers several tutorials on how to create more complicated add-ons, like Gaga’s orbit headpiece or swan feather mask.  See below. Of course, Lady Gaga’s costumes are known for their unique designs, so many of them are hard to recreate. Finding a good party costume is often a mix of buying the right basic outfit, and then showing off with a bit of your own creativity. Often, the addition of a hat or even a ring that you’ve made yourself will set you apart from the other costumes. My advice: start shopping early (like discount online retailer Costume SuperCenter) and don’t be afraid to make your own accessories. If there’s anything we’ve learned from Gaga, it’s that costumes should be an adventure.

Lady Gaga Outfits That Are Most Extreme

Lady Gaga outfits are a star all their own. Sure the pop star is widely admired for her music, but Lady Gaga’s outfits kick. You may know the singer for her unique fashion statements and crazy form fitting costumes. From her famous tea party sunglasses to her ice-Lady Gaga disco stick, the pop star has made her fans expect the unexpected. Of the many outrageous costumes worn by the singer, her outfits to the MTV Video Music Awards have been some of the most memorable. In 2009, the singer strutted the red carpet wearing a black, feathered Victorian-style gown and gold Phantom of the Opera mask. Later in the evening (after Kanye robbed Taylor Swift of her moment) Lady Gaga took home the award for Best New Artist while donning the famous red lace Alexander McQueen dress. The ensemble was daring and sexy. The ceremony allowed Gaga leave an indelible mark on the worlds of both fashion and music. You can catch pics of both dresses and other VMA costumes online.
The following year at the VMAs, the singer wore the famous meat dress as both a personal and political statement. The dress was paired with matching flesh shoes and a meaty clutch purse. It was a risky design of stylist Franc Fernandez, and came under criticism by animal rights groups and fellow celebrities who questioned its vague message. While Gaga tried to clarify the meaning behind the dress, her comments did little to comfort those who were mad and offended. The dress continued to receive a ton of media coverage. But while the meat dress certainly may be the most memorable, it is not the only outfit the singer has worn as part of a social statement. In a 2011 interview with Good Morning America, the pop star wore a taupe-colored latex sheath dress suggestive of a condom. The outfit aimed to promote HIV and AIDS awareness, which the singer called “the leading cause of death in women all around the world.” While you can’t argue with Gaga’s desire to fight a leading cause of death, the condom dress itself was not a fashion favorite and did not strike up as much controversy as “the meat dress.”
Despite the star’s good intentions, not all of the diva’s outfits have been met with love by the fashion world. Her psychedelic outfit on the French TV show Taratata was labeled a unanimous fashion mess. You can catch photos and YouTube clips of Gaga wearing the outfit online. Recently, many fans and non-fans alike also criticized her socks-with-heels look in Taiwan. Overall though, Gaga’s sense of style has become uniquely hip and experimental. Since her partnership with renowned fashion designer Nicola Formichetti (the man behind the MUGLER fashion line and Vogue Hommes Japan), Gaga has fostered a sense of style that defies convention. Formichetti and the rest of Haus of Gaga work together to produce and design most of what we see Gaga wear. And while most of her outfits cost far more than the average “little monster” can afford, their work inspires the everyday fan to find and wear their own superstar looks. Whatever the future holds for Lady Gaga’s next costume, you can guarantee it’ll be amazing.

The Lady Gaga Disco Stick: Details on the Best Party Prop Ever

The famous Lady Gaga disco stick was an early work created by the Haus of Gaga. Mathew Williams, Gaga’s former boyfriend and creative director, was the artist behind many of the early Haus concepts. His work included several costumes, hats, glasses and face decals. Of his creations, the disco stick has by far remained the most popular. During Gaga’s rise to fame, the prop made several appearances in the New York City dance club scene. You can see its first large-scale appearance in the popular Love Game music video. Since appearing in the video, it has become a fan favorite. The stick has been used by Gaga during several Fame Ball and Monster Ball tour performances. Unfortunately, the prop does not make an appearance in later Fame Monster videos like Poker Face or Bad Romance, or in projects from the singer’s more recent album, Born This Way. In fact, her video for the title song, Born This Way, shows little in common with the singer’s early props. However, the stick still makes occasional appearances in Gaga’s concerts. Recently, Gaga has only been known to show off the stick during performances of the song Love Game. You can watch the original mainstream appearance of the stick in the Love Game video.
The stick itself is uniquely and complexly designed, so you can’t buy it in any costume shop–even if they have Lady Gaga costumes. Its handle is made from a pointed silver chrome pole, which is also where the batteries are loaded. The “disco” tip is made from hand-shaped plastic acrylic, a texture that looks great in the light. When the disco stick is lit, its blue-white cap resembles broken glass or ice crystal. The stick is powered by LED lights, which are controlled by the touch of a button. Lady Gaga has always been known to flash the prop around during concerts. However, since the singer’s early days, the stick has undergone significant design changes. Gaga now uses a new and improved version of the stick, which is larger and brighter than the original. During her Monster Ball tour, the pop star reportedly used the new “torch” during the songs Love Game and Boys Boys Boys.
The stick prop has become a universal sign for dancing and fun, but reports for original thoughts behind the stick vary. In interviews, Gaga has called the prop a “a giant rock-candy pleasuring tool—that lights up.” Other sources cite the original idea behind the stick as creating a beacon of light to represent Gaga herself. Whatever meaning it may have for you or me, the concept behind the disco stick remains one of pure excitement. And though Williams’ influence is no longer a part of Haus of Gaga, her fashion and production team has yet to disappoint.

Want A Lady Gaga Wig That’s Just Right For Your Look?

Lady Gaga Wig

Want a Lady Gaga Wig? Whether for a fun costume party or a classic Halloween costume, there are several great Lady Gaga hair pieces available on the market. The pop star’s fabulous hairstyles and unique sense of style have made her both a fashion icon and a sought-after costume. The most popular mock-up of the celebrity’s hair is the straight blonde hair piece with bangs. This is the look most often worn by Gaga. Most major costume and party retailers offer an affordable version of the hairstyle called the Lady Gaga Straight Hair Wig with Bangs. You can see her sport this look in the Poker Face video. Occasionally, Gaga wears a much shorter, cropped version of the bangs look. Costume retailers sell a Super Model Adult Blonde Wig that offers this hairstyle.
While the straight, platinum look is one of Gaga’s most recognizable features, the singer often wears curly hair as well. Gaga famously wore her curly Marilyn Monroe tresses paired with a red lace Alexander McQueen dress at the MTV Video Music Awards. Depending on your outfit, a curly style might provide a more accurate portrayal of the pop star. Most costume retailers recommend pairing curly wigs with costumes like Gaga’s black and silver star dress or her white, bejeweled VMA outfit. Keep in mind, the pop star has also worn a version of the curly hairstyle that includes pink highlights. If you plan on sporting one of her VMA looks, this hair piece might be more appropriate. If you’re looking for one of Gaga’s more dramatic or couture hairstyles, costume retailers also offer a Lady Gaga Blonde Wig with Cans. The pop star wears the retro, soda can look in her famous Telephone video.
Supplies for this wig are often limited, so you may want to shop for this look early. Another unique wig available is the Lady Gaga Blonde and Yellow Tone Wig. The pop star has worn this look during several performances, and the style is distinctly hers. The color on the ends will add a unique flare to your costume and will be sure to get attention.
Aside from wigs, there are also several hair accessories available. The popular Lady Gaga Wig Bow Clip is available as an add-on accessory for any outfit. You can see Gaga wear the bow clip in many of her early videos and paparazzi pics. The bow is a simple, unique design, and makes a great addition to any of her Fame Monster clothing.
Costume Supercenter and Rubie’s Costume Co. offer many of the products and women’s wigs mentioned above. Rubie’s sells many of the same costumes and wigs available on Costume Supercenter’s site. However, I highly recommend Supercenter for other helpful accessories, like shoes and face decals. Both retailers post new and sale items to their site frequently, so keep an eye out closer to Halloween. Finding the right hair piece to match your outfit is key. While blonde wigs are pretty easy to come by, Gaga’s head-to-toe image tends to center around her hair. So, styling is important. Whether you buy or make your own costume, you’ll have no problem finding the right hairstyle for your costume party.

Lady Gaga Costumes For Sale This Halloween

Lady Gaga costumes for sale

There are a number of great bargain stores and websites that offer Lady Gaga costumes for sale this Halloween. But given the pop star’s popularity, you may have to shop early if you want to ensure that you find the perfect costume. For those of you looking for sexy Halloween costumes, Gaga’s famous red, white and blue bikini and bandana are a great choice. You can find the officially licensed costume online for a great price.

The outfit looks great with Gaga’s infamous dark eye shadow and pink lip-gloss. You can check out the original outfit in her Telephone video. If something a bit more retro may suit your style, retailers also offer a rock star diva costume that evokes Gaga’s love of the eighties. Versions of the eighties costume come with an animal print tunic and wide belt that accentuates the waist. The outfit looks great with leggings and diva sunglasses. You can also add a bit of color to the outfit by adding eighties jewelry and accessories.

Another Lady Gaga costume for sale that’s sure to be a hit is her American Idol rock star dress.

Available at Party City and other retailers, this sexy black and silver dress has several gorgeous features. The skirt contains sparkling fringe that’s sure to catch the light on the dance floor. And the sequin-covered bodice wraps the waist with the shape of a star. The dress is sure to turn heads at any Halloween party.
Lady Gaga outfit accessories will also be a must-have for your costume. There are already a few Lady Gaga starter kits for sale online. Many of them come with Gaga essentials, like sunglasses and gloves. Online retailers also offer Gaga exclusives, like the famous gold lightning bolt face decal or her blonde hair bow. Both of these make a great addition to any Lady Gaga Halloween costume. Bargain retailers like Target and Urban Outfitters are also a good place to grab costume extras, like a headscarf or jewelry. Of course, Gaga’s famous blonde hair is a must for any costume. A platinum blonde wig is easy to come by at most Halloween stores. Women who have longer hair may need to purchase a cap to control their hair beneath the wig. Gaga wigs are available straight with bangs or with large curls. Gaga herself has been known to tie a scarf or wear a hood to accentuate her outfit. Both of these can be great additions to your costume.
No matter what you decide on this Halloween, a Lady Gaga costume is a creative way to make a statement. Her fashion forward outfits are works of art. Wearing a Gaga costume is a way to bring those works to life and enjoy them with your friends. Whether your outfit is disco chic or covered in futuristic spikes, your Gaga costume is sure to make Halloween memorable.

About The Lady Gaga’s Costume Designer: Who Is The Inspiration Behind the Clothes

Lady Gaga costume designer

Lady Gaga costume designer, Nicola Formichetti, is known for blurring the lines of fashion. Long before his work with the pop star, the fashion guru was well known in the world of fashion and design. Formichetti is renowned as fashion director of Vogue Hommes Japan, the magazine that featured Gaga dressed with only raw meat. He also works as creative director for MUGLER, a prominent French fashion line. The son of Japanese and Italian parents, the young Formichetti was raised in both Rome and Tokyo. Both cities have long been central to the fashion world, and have provided endless visual inspiration for several of the world’s top designers. In his Gaga collection, we can often see the impact of both cities, where angular, Japanese pop design occasionally partners with traditional Italian fabrics. Nicola himself cites his own personal style as “a mix of East meets West.” A man of opposites, the designer was also known for disliking the celebrity aspect of fashion. Now, he has become a celebrity in his own right, as well as a member (perhaps the most important member) of the art production team, Haus of Gaga.
Alongside the pop star herself, Formichetti works as primary designer of Gaga’s clothing. Formichetti has designed several iconic Gaga costumes, from the famed Monster Ball tour orb to her basic bra and undies look in the Alejandro music video. His role in the production team is particularly important because much of what we love and admire (or even hate) about Gaga is visual. (Let’s face it. While you love hearing Gaga sing, you also can’t wait to see what she’ll be wearing next.) Though Formichetti does design most of what we’ve seen Gaga wear, much of the Gaga look can also be credited to the designs of Alexander McQueen. McQueen was responsible for several costumes and high points in Gaga’s career, including the premier of her Bad Romance video and the frighteningly sexy red lace dress and spiked halo ring she wore to the MTV Video Music Awards. Until his death in 2010, Gaga was even named an “unofficial muse” by McQueen’s publicist. In the recent limited edition book paying tribute to the designer, Visionaire, you can read Gaga’s touching words on the designer. Formichetti himself cites McQueen as an early influence and even took photos for the late stylist’s design house. In fact, many of Formichetti’s own Gaga creations were created via McQueen’s influence. But McQueen’s genius and influence aside, it is Formichetti’s own unique and visionary style that has ushered in a new fashion era for the pop star.
For Lady Gaga, costume design is just as important as her music. And while previous artists like Madonna or Gwen Stefani have certainly encouraged our sense of fashion, few have challenged our notion of art the way the Formichetti and Lady Gaga partnership has.
For many of Gaga’s “little monsters,” fashion is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. It implies a superstar status that can be extended to everyone– because the cost of her designs is not a barrier. They’re cheap. You can even design them yourself. If you’re a fan of Gaga’s fashion, it may be worthwhile to look into Formichetti’s work with MUGLER. You can also see Formichetti’s newest designs in the music videos for Gaga’s latest album, Born this Way. Videos for the title song feature bold new images and designs from the Haus of Gaga team. Perhaps this is a sign that the best is yet to come.

Lady Gaga Costumes for Kids That Look Just Great

Lady Gaga costumes for kids

Looking for  Lady Gaga costumes for kids?  While adult Gaga costumes are much easier to find, there are still a few options and budget friendly ways to craft some great Lady Gaga costumes for kids as well. The Gaga fashion craze is a fun, creative way to share art and fashion with your kids. And whether it’s for Halloween or a costume party, your little girl will love dressing and feeling like a pop star. Keep in mind, most retailers tend to call their Gaga outfits “pop star” costumes. So, don’t stop your search if you don’t see Gaga’s name on it. Even so, child pop star costumes are very limited. One great outfit to look for is the “Girls Popstar Costume” on The dress features a one-shoulder halter with a bow at the top. The outfit is a close imitation of Gaga’s famous silver sequin dress. This costume looks great paired with widely available Gaga glasses and silver ballet flats. If the outfit is unavailable, you can easily replace it with a similar dress or tunic. Much of what we see Gaga wear is made up of basic dancewear. While I’m sure you’ll want your daughter to avoid Gaga’s high cut leotards or blue leather swimsuits, basic fashion accessories like leggings and jackets can help to keep your child’s outfit hip and appropriate. You can also construct kids versions of many of her most popular outfits by simply focusing on her accessories. Many adult Gaga accessories fit children as well. There are also several Gaga makeup kits available that help you get started on designing a look.
The most essential part of any Lady Gaga costume is the blonde wig. Most costume retailers offer both a curly blonde wig and a straight blonde wig with bangs for girls and young teens. You can also clip bangs onto a basic blonde wig if a Gaga wig is not available. For a really fun look, you may want to opt for Lady Gaga’s soda can hairdo, as seen in her Telephone video. Pre-curled soda can wigs are available online, and can be a fun way to tell your child about retro beauty. Many major retailers also offer the famous Gaga bow hair clip. The clip is easy to pin, and since Gaga has been known to wear the hair clip with many outfits, it makes a great addition for any ensemble. The bow hair clip adds wonderful detail to the Gaga character, and looks great when paired with her famous lightning bolt face decal or disco mask. Again, most major costume retailers sell a lightning bolt kit that you can apply. But if you prefer face painting, there are several good tutorials on YouTube showing how to create versions of the bolt. Glittery versions of Gaga’s disco mask can also be purchased in stores and online. However, a closer replica of the mask can be easily created by hand and would make a great arts and crafts project for you and your kid. All you’ll need are some mirrored mosaic pieces, a cheap plastic mask, and some hot glue. All of these are available at your local craft store. Bargain versions of Gaga’s diamond globe ring, black lace goggles, and red glittery eye stickers can also be made by hand. You can also find step-by-step tutorials online showing how to make these.
Crafting the right costume with your child can be a fun way to teach them about setting creative goals, working towards them in unique ways, and taking pride in their accomplishments. As for Gaga herself, her influence is a creative and even educational one. My advice is to take the crafty approach to make family time with your kids, as well as a great costume. Whatever you decide on, your “little monster” will look great!

Lady Gaga Dress Up Costumes

Lady Gaga Dress up costumes

Looking forLady Gaga Dress up costumes? Whether for Halloween, New Years, or just a fun costume party, Lady Gaga costumes are a great way to dress up in a creative, eye-catching way. One fabulous outfit offered by retailers is the Sexy Fiery Femme Fatale Costume. This costume is inspired by the famous red lace outfits, which Lady Gaga wore at the MTV Video Music Awards. Gaga herself wore different variations of the outfit, including one that completely covered her head in lace. The costume for sale is a full body outfit, and comes with an optional mask to wear. Paired with red heels and a blonde Gaga wig, you’re sure to look smoking hot in this number! Retailers also offer imitations of other famous Gaga outfits. Her white VMA performance outfit and her black and silver star dress are also available. Both outfits can be paired with boots and fashion accessories to complete the look. However, several of her more sought-after outfits are not available anywhere on the market.

Many of my favorite Gaga outfits are not available for purchase, but can be constructed out of craft store materials. For example, her famous bubble dress can be made by sewing plastic “Make Your Own Ornament” balls to a light or flesh colored swimsuit. As with many other costumes, YouTube offers a great tutorial that walks you through the process. The outfit looks especially great when worn with fishnets and a short Gaga wig. And you can also blow bubbles during the party, like Gaga did during her performance. While the full costume does take a bit of sewing and planning, you can recreate the outfit for a price comparable to many pre-made costumes. But by making it yourself, you can guarantee a one-of-a-kind look that everyone will want…and can’t have.
Whether you decide to purchase or handcraft your own Gaga outfit, it’s good to know that her accessories are easily available for purchase in most costume stores. Face decals, masks, and fashionable add-ons are important for a good Lady Gaga costume. One great extra is the Lady Gaga peel-and-stick lightning bolt decal kit. This is usually available in blue and gold. The pop star has often performed concerts and interviews with the gold lightning bolt. And the versatile gold color makes a fun and glittery extra for any costume. Shimmering disco masks and leather masks can also be purchased online, and can be an important part of the Gaga look. But if you’d rather show off your face makeup, I recommend investing in the lightning bolt instead. Other fun accessories are the blonde hair bow clip, oversized glasses, and gloves. Gaga herself is known for adding these on to more than one of her costumes. Any of these accessories would make a great addition to your ensemble. I also recommend getting a few traditional beauty extras, like fake lashes, dark eye makeup, or even a ring or two. Smokey eyes and diamonds are staples to the Gaga look, and they help complete the overall costume.
Before you decide on a costume, I recommend doing a bit of online browsing to see which outfit and look you feel will suit you best. Lady Gaga’s costumes are often tight and revealing, but there are many others that rely on creativity and are great for any body shape. In any case, all of Gaga’s costumes are works of art. You’ll definitely have fun wearing one of your own or crafting one for your next costume party.

Lady Gaga Halloween Costume Ideas

Lady Gaga Halloween costume


If you’re planning a Lady Gaga Halloween costume this year, there are several ideas and accessories to keep in mind. Look-alikes of adult Lady Gaga costumes are available in several stores. While you might want to steer clear of the meat dress (for the sake of your friends), one outfit that’s sure to be a hit is Gaga’s silver sequin dress. The outfit was one of Gaga’s sequin concert dresses, so it’ll definitely be comfy and stylish enough to hit the dance floor in. The dress is a hip, modern design that is sure to turn heads. And the silver sequins look dazzling in the light. If you’re a bit more daring, Gaga’s sexy red, white and blue American flag outfit also makes a great costume. The pop super star appeared in this sexy bikini top and matching flag shorts alongside Beyoncé in the famous Telephone video. Both women look fabulous! So, if you’re planning to attend a Halloween party with your girlfriend, this is a great idea for duo outfits.

Lady Gaga Halloween

Do keep in mind that most Lady Gaga Halloween costumes are tight or revealing. However, some plus size adult costumes are also available online. If you still have trouble finding one to suit your body type, you can also put together a Lady Gaga costume that mimics her style. Gaga’s tight leotards are enough to intimidate any woman, but they’re often not the most thrilling part of her wardrobe. Lady Gaga is also known for her outrageous masks, headpieces, and accessories. Adding a quirky hat or a leather mask to a piece as simple as a jean jacket can help to give you that Gaga look.

Lady Gaga costume kits

To complete your outfit, there are several basic Lady Gaga dress up costume kits available online. Most kits come with the Gaga essentials, including glasses, gloves, and a blonde wig. The platinum blonde wig with bangs is a must for most Gaga costumes, but curly blonde wigs are also available. Depending on the quality of the wig, you may also be able to curl the hair yourself. A Lady Gaga lightning bolt kit is also available in stores and online. Gaga wears the bolt ornament in her Poker Face video, along with a globe diamond ring. However, since Gaga has worn the lightning bolt on many different occasions, the kit may come in handy for various outfits. The decal looks great with Gaga’s famed black hood, or simply as that extra touch for your face. Gaga’s famous hair bow clip is also available for purchase and makes a lovely addition to any ensemble. You may also want to add extras like fake eyelashes, dark eye shadow, eyeliner, and glitter. If your Halloween costume shows off your legs, you may even want to invest in a bronzer. You can find most of these items at your local beauty store.

Gaga Halloween costume

Since Gaga has become one of the hottest pop stars and fashion icons in history, you can be sure that your Lady Gaga Halloween costume will be a hit. Remember, Lady Gaga is all about fashion confidence and fun. Whatever your Gaga Halloween costume you choose, make a bold statement with it, and make Gaga proud.