Lady Gaga Costumes

Lady Gaga costumes

Lady Gaga costumes have become a mainstay for costume parties! Gaga is known for her one of a kind fashion design. But there are still some great imitation costumes available. Whether for Halloween, New Years, Carnival, or even a birthday costume party, Gaga’s style provides plenty of creative outfit options. Of her several fabulous outfits to choose from, her Poker Face video offers some great costume ideas. Lady Gaga’s blue leather swimsuit and gloves from the video can easily be found online here. Paired with some boots, this outfit is a sexy modern look for any adult costume party. Lady Gaga’s lightning bolt face decoration is also a great addition to most Fame Monster costumes. The lightning bolt can usually be found at a low price. There are also several tutorials online showing you how to hand paint it. Gaga sunglasses and faux diamonds are also easy to find accessories. But if you’re looking for a full outfit to wear, another chic Fame Monster look is Gaga’s white and black sequin dress costume with matching mask. The dress was made famous on her Monster Ball tour and is a fun outfit for any costume party. This outfit can also be paired with some black boots or heels, and makes a great entrance to any dance party. Hair and makeup are also important features for proper Lady Gaga dress up costumes. The best place to start your costume is with Gaga’s iconic blonde wig and clean cut bangs. Her famous blonde hair complements all her outfits and is an important part of dressing your costume. Luckily, a blonde or yellow tone wig is easy enough to find. You can also easily pin back a wig to show off any face paint or makeup. The pop star is also known for some wild makeup looks, which can be fun if you love face painting. But if eccentric makeup does not suit you, Gaga is also known to wear toned down looks as well. In many of her videos, Lady Gaga wears minimal makeup on her lips and face. But you’ll have to be adventurous with the eye shadow and mascara if you truly want the Gaga look. If you’re looking for unique additions for your Lady Gaga costume, homemade accessories are another great option. While couture nylons and telecast glasses might be harder to come by, Lady Gaga costume accessories like her mirror ball mask and shoulder spikes can easily be made with a little crafty work. The mask can easily be made by hot-gluing mirrored tiles to a cheap plastic mask. If you can’t find tiles, you can cut up a couple of unwanted CDs instead. Handcrafted spikes can be formed out of black cardstock and electrical tape. You can match both of these accessories with a basic black bodysuit. These options are great if you’re on a limited budget. YouTube also offers several tutorials on how to create more complicated add-ons, like Gaga’s orbit headpiece or swan feather mask.  See below. Of course, Lady Gaga’s costumes are known for their unique designs, so many of them are hard to recreate. Finding a good party costume is often a mix of buying the right basic outfit, and then showing off with a bit of your own creativity. Often, the addition of a hat or even a ring that you’ve made yourself will set you apart from the other costumes. My advice: start shopping early (like discount online retailer Costume SuperCenter) and don’t be afraid to make your own accessories. If there’s anything we’ve learned from Gaga, it’s that costumes should be an adventure.


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    Lady Gaga Costumes

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