The Lady Gaga Disco Stick: Details on the Best Party Prop Ever

The famous Lady Gaga disco stick was an early work created by the Haus of Gaga. Mathew Williams, Gaga’s former boyfriend and creative director, was the artist behind many of the early Haus concepts. His work included several costumes, hats, glasses and face decals. Of his creations, the disco stick has by far remained the most popular. During Gaga’s rise to fame, the prop made several appearances in the New York City dance club scene. You can see its first large-scale appearance in the popular Love Game music video. Since appearing in the video, it has become a fan favorite. The stick has been used by Gaga during several Fame Ball and Monster Ball tour performances. Unfortunately, the prop does not make an appearance in later Fame Monster videos like Poker Face or Bad Romance, or in projects from the singer’s more recent album, Born This Way. In fact, her video for the title song, Born This Way, shows little in common with the singer’s early props. However, the stick still makes occasional appearances in Gaga’s concerts. Recently, Gaga has only been known to show off the stick during performances of the song Love Game. You can watch the original mainstream appearance of the stick in the Love Game video.
The stick itself is uniquely and complexly designed, so you can’t buy it in any costume shop–even if they have Lady Gaga costumes. Its handle is made from a pointed silver chrome pole, which is also where the batteries are loaded. The “disco” tip is made from hand-shaped plastic acrylic, a texture that looks great in the light. When the disco stick is lit, its blue-white cap resembles broken glass or ice crystal. The stick is powered by LED lights, which are controlled by the touch of a button. Lady Gaga has always been known to flash the prop around during concerts. However, since the singer’s early days, the stick has undergone significant design changes. Gaga now uses a new and improved version of the stick, which is larger and brighter than the original. During her Monster Ball tour, the pop star reportedly used the new “torch” during the songs Love Game and Boys Boys Boys.
The stick prop has become a universal sign for dancing and fun, but reports for original thoughts behind the stick vary. In interviews, Gaga has called the prop a “a giant rock-candy pleasuring tool—that lights up.” Other sources cite the original idea behind the stick as creating a beacon of light to represent Gaga herself. Whatever meaning it may have for you or me, the concept behind the disco stick remains one of pure excitement. And though Williams’ influence is no longer a part of Haus of Gaga, her fashion and production team has yet to disappoint.


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