Lady Gaga Dress Up Costumes

Lady Gaga Dress up costumes

Looking forLady Gaga Dress up costumes? Whether for Halloween, New Years, or just a fun costume party, Lady Gaga costumes are a great way to dress up in a creative, eye-catching way. One fabulous outfit offered by retailers is the Sexy Fiery Femme Fatale Costume. This costume is inspired by the famous red lace outfits, which Lady Gaga wore at the MTV Video Music Awards. Gaga herself wore different variations of the outfit, including one that completely covered her head in lace. The costume for sale is a full body outfit, and comes with an optional mask to wear. Paired with red heels and a blonde Gaga wig, you’re sure to look smoking hot in this number! Retailers also offer imitations of other famous Gaga outfits. Her white VMA performance outfit and her black and silver star dress are also available. Both outfits can be paired with boots and fashion accessories to complete the look. However, several of her more sought-after outfits are not available anywhere on the market.

Many of my favorite Gaga outfits are not available for purchase, but can be constructed out of craft store materials. For example, her famous bubble dress can be made by sewing plastic “Make Your Own Ornament” balls to a light or flesh colored swimsuit. As with many other costumes, YouTube offers a great tutorial that walks you through the process. The outfit looks especially great when worn with fishnets and a short Gaga wig. And you can also blow bubbles during the party, like Gaga did during her performance. While the full costume does take a bit of sewing and planning, you can recreate the outfit for a price comparable to many pre-made costumes. But by making it yourself, you can guarantee a one-of-a-kind look that everyone will want…and can’t have.
Whether you decide to purchase or handcraft your own Gaga outfit, it’s good to know that her accessories are easily available for purchase in most costume stores. Face decals, masks, and fashionable add-ons are important for a good Lady Gaga costume. One great extra is the Lady Gaga peel-and-stick lightning bolt decal kit. This is usually available in blue and gold. The pop star has often performed concerts and interviews with the gold lightning bolt. And the versatile gold color makes a fun and glittery extra for any costume. Shimmering disco masks and leather masks can also be purchased online, and can be an important part of the Gaga look. But if you’d rather show off your face makeup, I recommend investing in the lightning bolt instead. Other fun accessories are the blonde hair bow clip, oversized glasses, and gloves. Gaga herself is known for adding these on to more than one of her costumes. Any of these accessories would make a great addition to your ensemble. I also recommend getting a few traditional beauty extras, like fake lashes, dark eye makeup, or even a ring or two. Smokey eyes and diamonds are staples to the Gaga look, and they help complete the overall costume.
Before you decide on a costume, I recommend doing a bit of online browsing to see which outfit and look you feel will suit you best. Lady Gaga’s costumes are often tight and revealing, but there are many others that rely on creativity and are great for any body shape. In any case, all of Gaga’s costumes are works of art. You’ll definitely have fun wearing one of your own or crafting one for your next costume party.


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