Want A Lady Gaga Wig That’s Just Right For Your Look?

Lady Gaga Wig

Want a Lady Gaga Wig? Whether for a fun costume party or a classic Halloween costume, there are several great Lady Gaga hair pieces available on the market. The pop star’s fabulous hairstyles and unique sense of style have made her both a fashion icon and a sought-after costume. The most popular mock-up of the celebrity’s hair is the straight blonde hair piece with bangs. This is the look most often worn by Gaga. Most major costume and party retailers offer an affordable version of the hairstyle called the Lady Gaga Straight Hair Wig with Bangs. You can see her sport this look in the Poker Face video. Occasionally, Gaga wears a much shorter, cropped version of the bangs look. Costume retailers sell a Super Model Adult Blonde Wig that offers this hairstyle.
While the straight, platinum look is one of Gaga’s most recognizable features, the singer often wears curly hair as well. Gaga famously wore her curly Marilyn Monroe tresses paired with a red lace Alexander McQueen dress at the MTV Video Music Awards. Depending on your outfit, a curly style might provide a more accurate portrayal of the pop star. Most costume retailers recommend pairing curly wigs with costumes like Gaga’s black and silver star dress or her white, bejeweled VMA outfit. Keep in mind, the pop star has also worn a version of the curly hairstyle that includes pink highlights. If you plan on sporting one of her VMA looks, this hair piece might be more appropriate. If you’re looking for one of Gaga’s more dramatic or couture hairstyles, costume retailers also offer a Lady Gaga Blonde Wig with Cans. The pop star wears the retro, soda can look in her famous Telephone video.
Supplies for this wig are often limited, so you may want to shop for this look early. Another unique wig available is the Lady Gaga Blonde and Yellow Tone Wig. The pop star has worn this look during several performances, and the style is distinctly hers. The color on the ends will add a unique flare to your costume and will be sure to get attention.
Aside from wigs, there are also several hair accessories available. The popular Lady Gaga Wig Bow Clip is available as an add-on accessory for any outfit. You can see Gaga wear the bow clip in many of her early videos and paparazzi pics. The bow is a simple, unique design, and makes a great addition to any of her Fame Monster clothing.
Costume Supercenter and Rubie’s Costume Co. offer many of the products and women’s wigs mentioned above. Rubie’s sells many of the same costumes and wigs available on Costume Supercenter’s site. However, I highly recommend Supercenter for other helpful accessories, like shoes and face decals. Both retailers post new and sale items to their site frequently, so keep an eye out closer to Halloween. Finding the right hair piece to match your outfit is key. While blonde wigs are pretty easy to come by, Gaga’s head-to-toe image tends to center around her hair. So, styling is important. Whether you buy or make your own costume, you’ll have no problem finding the right hairstyle for your costume party.


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